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Since spring in 1990 to today, many works have been born in our factory. Monozukuri, literally meaning of “production,” does not just mean making things, but have a story for each work at the scene of manufacturing. We participate in the beginning of the stories.

KIGURUMI.BIZ welcomed a new sibling in the spring of 2019. His name is “AKAKUMAYA,” our associated company, which supports designs, planning and promotion. This enables providing consistent service from design and operation to branding. We are going to offer our items and service to make you happy, particularly, through manufacturing with technology.

We are pleased to join the starting of your story.

What we can do

Our team can create anything from a piece of illustration.
The common point to all works is that each work has its own story. Whatever it is, small or big world, we enjoy their stories through our manufacturing.

How we create

“The best products come out of the best place” is our policy. We think the place, where all members involved in production can feel happy, is the “best.” And we also think characters who are born in such place are very happy, too.

We are the producers of mascot costumes!

Hiromi Kano

Representative Director

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Satoko Kawasoe

Office Manager

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Naoko Shimoyama

Factory Manager

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Company Profile

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Customer’s voice

Communications from customers are all precious treasure like love letters.

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