We believe that “a proper product is born in a proper place. We also believe that ”the place where all staff members who involve our production feel happy is a “proper place” and that the characters born in the “proper space” are happy.

Design, Drawing and Discussion

We start from nothing. The character is born and it finally becomes KIGURUMI. Design and drawing take very important roles in our production. In addition, the process from the beginning to mock-up completion is the most challenging one.

We deeply understand customers’ request and their hope and take them into our production. We need a lot of effort for the preparation to do so.

We have things that we need to give up when the design in front of us becomes KIGURUMI. We imagine various things such as the purpose to produce KIGURUMI, the place to use, the things happen after completion, and proceed design and drawing.

We design them not as figures but as KIGUTUMI and make them carry out their missions comfortably and enjoyably.


There is no procedure for our production because the product in the factory of KIGURUMI.BIZ is almost all the only one product in the world. We produce them with trial and error.

The request which we receive the most is “Please create them cute.” However, “what is cute” depends on the individuals, especially in overseas. It is the difficulty but the enjoyment of modeling to bring them closer to “cute” which customers want.

We grope our way and model them with waiting for the completion.


“Sewing technique” in KIGURUMI.BIZ factory is far different from the general sewing technique. It may applicable to describe it not as sewing but as modeling. We are able to form any shapes with a piece of flat cloth.

For example, we have various methods to sew a globe with a piece of flat cloth. One is to cut and divide equally and sew up like a beach ball. When we consider how beautifully and how cutely we create each character, we are not able to cut and sew roughly.

Where to make lines. The answer is not prepared anywhere. We decide the positions with the experience, imagination and sense of our creators. It is a beautiful but challenging task.


The finishing team has a lot of responsibility. There is a risk that they ruin everything with their performance. In the process of selecting fabric and to pasting it, the highly trained technique is required, especially in using tools such as scissors.

In addition, the process of creating beautiful eyes and putting color in cheeks and lips are similar to makeup. Even a small distortion or a scar is not allowed and our team need to continue their operation very cautiously.

Even in this step, KIGURUMI is stroked with many fingers and palms, loved then completed. We cautiously complete outside, inside, and the invisible places and complete them beautiful. If we have a moment to cast spells to KIGURUMI, it is probably this process, finishing.

Inspection & Checking needles

Multiple inspectors perform the inspection to confirm the usability and the safety even though it is completed beautifully.

No lint remains. No open seam or no stitch skipping exists. In addition, the most important is to check the safety.

We wear it many times to confirm the conformability and the movability. Furthermore, the final important process is checking needles.

We, KIGURUMI.BIZ count the needles in our factory. We check the number of needles in the morning and in the evening every day to confirm the quantity is same. In addition, each staff visually count their own needles every one hour. We can produce “cute” KIGURUMI with the safety.

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