Customer’s Voice

From Senami Association of Hot-spring Resort


When we see her in front of us, she has a bigger impact than we expected and it was beyond our expectation. She also has a power to change the atmosphere. In Niigata airport, Murakami station and hot-spring resorts at Senami, she made customer and guests smile. Especially, the master of Murakami station loved her so much and we received los to offers to attend events and shows at once. We are really satisfied with ordering to KIGURUMI.BIZ. Thank you.

From Okinawa City Office


We immediately started to use KIGURUMI in our city events. We have received very favorable comments for their cuteness and mobility. We will recommend your company when we receive inquiries about creating KIGURUMI from other divisions in our office and other city offices in our prefecture.


Teddy Bear

Teddy has arrived HK this morning. We are so happy to see him. Our team is very excited and took a lot of photos/videos.This is the best Christmas gift! Thanks again and look forward to working with you soon.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From Yorii Johoku High School, Saitama prefecture


Alice has arrived at our school. We showed her to our students and they practiced desorption of KIGURUMI. They were exited continuously more than one hour. They mentioned that “ the real is much cutter than the illustration!”. Alice is enough cute as she is but we think that we need to study her ”motions” as you suggested. The motion of “blowing kisses with both hands” is the cutest one so far. ^^

From Hakuunsha Co., Ltd.


We have received KIGURUMI HAK-KUN. He was created in our own image and we are satisfied with him a lot. Thank you for your kind support from the term of ordering to completion. We are happy to keep our relationship including maintenance of KIGURUMI HAK-KUN.

Yaesu Book Center, Tokyo


YAE-CHAN's debut event was a great success and was well received by the children. Since the stuffed animal was made, we have made many connections and collaborated with other characters! We have also received a few inquiries from other publishers, so it looks like we will be able to work energetically! I am sure I will be asked to do many more things in the future. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Hamakita Nishi High School at Shizuoka prefecture


We showed “KITANISHIKA”, the character of Hamakita Nishi high Scheel in the commemoration of the 40th anniversary. After that, she shows up in the brass band concerts and local events. It is easy to move and cute. Not only teachers and students but parents love her.

From Milive Co., Ltd


We have promptly used KIGURUMI in our company event and people loved her! Children also love her in the local event and she is actively used in various places. Thank you for creating such a beautiful KIGURUMI.

From Section of Environmental Health, Department of Living Environment at Akita prefecture


We showed them to the public in the festival of animal protection. Children liked them a lot and we thank you very much.


Shudan Dog

We received shudan dog! It's more flexible and convenience. We like it! Thank you for your efforts in the past six months and look forward to our next cooperation!

From The Otsuka Museum of Art

HIMAWARI (Sunflower)

We have ordered KIGURUMI for the shooting spot for our 20th anniversary event which we exhibit all 7 works of Gogh’s “Sunflower”. We have appreciated all of your efforts since the planning stage. We are really satisfied with your work when we see every visitor, man, woman, boy, and girl, enjoys it.

Sonova Japan


He arrived safely to our place. We tried to wear him and move. We were exited so much. Thank you very much to create him cute and nice.

From National Hospital Organization Okayama Medical Center


On behalf of other members, I would like to express our appreciation to your effort to create very cute SUNNY-CHAN for our urgent request. I drew SUNNY-CHAN and impressed that the character which I made was born in 3D and seeing her moving. Thank you very much for bearing her so nicely under the tight schedule which we requested to deliver within this financial year.

Impresario Tokyo Co., Ltd


Thank you for creating HANAMARU-KUN this time. We are all surprised at the high degree of the perfection. We are looking forward the events. We will ask for maintenance in near future and hope to keep our relationship from now on.

From St. Lucia Hospital


“LUCHIA CHAN” which your company created has shown in various events of our hospital and she is familiar with not only our patients, but also their family, local people and children. In the parade held in the summer festival at Kurume city, people called out to “LUCIA CHAN” and we, all staff, often talk each other that it was ready good to receive Luchia chan to our hospital. Thank you for your strong efforts in your production process.

From General Incorporated Association Itoshima Tourist Association


Thank you for your continuous support! We thought he might returned today and we were looking forward his return!! CUTE♪ Really Cute. Thank you very much. The texture and the smell of the returned ITO-GON is really good and he gives the happiness to people again! My child and grandchild are also happy and hugging ITO-GON!! In addition, one is left! We have GON-KUN, sulking and saying “Why am I the last?” Please say to him “Welcome! The last is the best. We know what, where and how to do. You are lucky because you are the last!” GON-KUN, a little sulking will be happy. Thank you for your effort.

From Aira City Office


We have received KUSUMIN and immediately puffed her out. Staffs were impressed with the balloon type KUSUMIN. We hope she will do great in various events from now on. Thank you very much to create such a beautiful KIGURUMI.

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